Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

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Crimes Against Peace, 7, 883-903

Admissions by Israeli leaders that 1967 War was War of Aggression by Israel, 7, 897

Gen. Chaim Herzog, first Military Governor of West Bank, now President, "Israeli headquarters never believed a danger of annihilation.. ," 7

Gen. Ezer Weizman, Chief of Operations, "There was never a danger of extermination..," 7

Gen. Haim Barlev, Chief, General Staff Branch, "We were not threatened by genocide on the eve of the war..," 7

Gen. Mattiahu Peled, Chief Quartermaster-General's Branch, "We mobilized our forces to launch the war..," 7

Gen. Meir Amit, head of Mossad, "There is going to be war..," 7

Gen. Mordechai Hod, Commanding General of Israeli Air Force, "Sixteen years of planning for this war..," 7

Gen. Yeshayahu Gavish, Commanding General Southern Command, "No danger of Israel's extermination..," 7

Gen. Yitshak Rabin, Chief of Staff, "I do not believe Nasser wanted war..," 7, 897

Menahem Begin, Minister Without Portfolio, "We decided to attack..," 7

Mordechai Bentov, Cabinet Minister, "Danger of extermination...," 7

Yigal Allon, Cabinet Minister, "Begin and I want Jerusalem..," 7

Aggression, Wars of, (see also Crimes Against Peace), 883-903

Arab States, conspiracy to divide into Small Units, 892-895

Attacks against the West Bank, 891-892

Ben-Gurion determined to occupy Gaza Strip, 887

Ben-Gurion orders Operation Gaza, 886

Ben-Gurion persists in his plan against Lebanon, 891

Cabinet meeting in 1967 resulting in "secret intelligence unit" to deal with expulsion of Palestinians, 900

Participants in meeting included: Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Allon, Foreign Minister Abba Eban, Minister without Portfolio Menahem Begin, Director-General of the Prime Minister's office Ya'akov Herzog, 900

CIA gives Israel green light to attack Egypt, 888

Conspiracy to divide Arab States into small units, 892-895

Crime Against Peace, defined by International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg and the Tokyo International Military Tribunal, 900-902

Crime Against Peace, indictment of Nazi War Criminals, 900-902

Crime Against Peace is a War Crime, 900-902

Crime Against Peace, what constitutes, 900-901

Egypt, plans to make war against, 885-888

Expulsion of Palestinians from West Bank and Gaza, plans for, 899-900

Implementing conspiracy to wage war against Arab States, 895-900

1956 War against Egypt, 895-896

1967 War against Egypt, Syria and Jordan, 896-898

1978 War of aggression against Lebanon, 898

1982 War of aggression against Lebanon, 898-899

Plans to expel Palestinians from West Bank and Gaza, 899-900

Intrigue in Syria, 889

Israel hi-jacks a Syrian civilian airplane, 889

Israeli leaders wish to renew war with Egypt, 887

Israelis wish to topple Nasser regime, 887

Israel's plan to fragment the Arab States, 894

Egypt, 894

Iraq, 894

Jordan, 894

Lebanon, 894

Saudi Arabia, 894

Syria, 894

Israel's strategy is constant aggression and war against Arabs, 883-885

Military operations against civilian populations, 883

Pushing Arabs into military confrontations, 883

To achieve new territorial conquests, 883

To dismember the Arab world and create puppet Arab regimes, 883

To disperse the Palestinian refugees, 883

Jordan, plans to make war against, 891 -892

Kollek, Teddy, evidence of involvement in Crime Against Peace  in 1956 War, 888

Lavon affair, 885

Blowing up United States information offices, 885

Object was to disrupt United States-Egyptian relations, 885

Lavon urges attack on Syria, 888-889

Lebanese, contact with, 890-891

Lebanon, Ben-Gurion persists in plan against, 891

Lebanon, Israel seeks creating tension with, 891

Lebanon, plans for war and subversion in, 889-891

Motives for Israeli use of force, 887-888

Nasser: Coexistence with Israel is possible, 886

Nasser to meet Sharett, 886-887

Opportunities for Israel to implement its plan to divide Arab States into small units, 893-894

Plan to expel Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza, 899-900

Secret Intelligence Unit for expulsion formed 1967, 900

Plan to reconquer Sinai Peninsula, 894

Plans to make war, 885-892, 894

On Egypt, 885-888, 894

On Jordan, 891-892, 894

On Lebanon, 889-891, 894

On Syria, 888-889, 894

Rokach, Livia, sums up Israel's strategy of aggression, 883

Quotes Moshe Sharett Diaries about Israeli strategy, 883-885

"Secret Intelligence Unit" to deal with expulsion of Palestinians, 900

Formed as result of Cabinet meeting in 1967, 900

Former Special Adviser on Intelligence to Prime Minister Yitshak Rabin, General Rehav'am Zeevi, says "transfer" of Palestinians would be"humane," 900

Minister Without Portfolio Ya'akov Meridor urged transfer in 1982, 900

Shahak, Professor Israel, of Hebrew University, translates strategy for Israel in the 1980's, 892-895

Strategy for Israel in the 1980's by Oded Yinon in Kivunim (organ of the World Zionist Organization), 892-895

Syria, plan to make war on, 888-889

"Transfer," Zionist eupenism for War Crime of Expulsion, 900

World Zionist Organization (Jewish Agency) recommends to personal representatives of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Palestinians be "transferred“to Iraq, 899-900

World Zionist Organization publishes plans to divide the Arab States into Small Units, 892-895

Strategy for Israel in the 1980's, 892-893

Curfews, (see Collective Punishment), 585-591

Demolition and Sealing of Palestinian Homes, 573-584

Baby freezes to death after soldiers evict family, 575

Demolition and sealing of houses violates:

4th Geneva Convention, 573

Hague Convention Number IV, 573-574

Universal declaration of Human Rights, 574

Demolition of houses:

As collective punishment, 573

On pretext of being on so-called "archaeological site," 573

On pretext of not having licenses, 573

Demolition of houses done without charges being made or trial conducted, 583-584

Demolitions and sealings during the Intifada, 583-584

Houses demolished or sealed (date and name of owner) 1982-1986, 577-583

Houses demolished or sealed (statistics), 575-576

1967-1980, 575-576

1982-1986, 576

Qissan bedouin locality erased from the map 1988, 584

Report on demolition and sealing of Palestinians issued by the Human Rights Research Education Foundation, 583

Economy, Willful Destruction of the Palestinian, 557-572

Agriculture, Palestinian, destruction of, 562-563

Arab banks closed, 567

Colonial market for Israeli products, 568

Destruction of the Economy as a prelude to expulsion, 559-560

Destruction of the economy in Nazi-occupied Europe and the destruction of the Palestinian economy are similar, 557, 571

Destruction of Palestinian economy is a War Crime, 557, 571

Disparity of public consumption and investment, 568-570

Industries, destruction of Palestinian, 567-568

International military tribunal judgment regarding economic destruction, 557

Marketing Palestinian products, disruption of, 566-567

Measures to destroy Palestinian economy, 557-559

Palestinian development hampered, 570

Palestinian economic system, 560-561

Palestinian economy, willful destruction of, 557-572

Palestinian labor exploitation, 561-562

Water resources, usurpation of, 563-566

Zionist imitate Nazi methods, 559, 571

Erasing Arab Towns and Villages from the Map and Converting them into Jewish Settlements, 295-345

Admissions of Zionist leaders about the plundering of Arab villages, 310-311

Buber, Martin, 310

Dayan, Gen. Moshe, 310

Eshkol, Levi, 310

Jewish National Fund, 310-311

Meir, Golda, 310

Ze'evy, Gen. Rehav'am, 310

Arab cities, towns and villages occupied in 1948, 306-309

Bedouin population, fate in Palestine, 311-314

Conclusion, 332

Destruction and resettlement of Arab villages, 308-309

El Khisas, 308-309

Iqrit, 308

Kafr Bir'im, 308

Destruction and spoliation of Arab towns and villages are War Crimes, 332-333

Existing Arab towns and villages in Israel according to Israeli census of population and housing 1972, 312

Existing bedouin localities in Israel, 314

Expulsion of the inhabitants of other villages and towns, 309-311

Fate of Arab towns and villages in Palestine after 1948 (existing, destroyed, land usurped, converted to Jewish colonies, or in West Bank and Gaza), 315-331

Jiryis, Dr. Sabri, describes how Israel expelled the inhabitants, 309-310

Method of ascertaining the fate of Arab towns and villages in Palestine after 1948, 315

Methods of ascertaining towns and villages destroyed and which are still existing, 311-312

Partial list of Arab towns and villages erased, areas of land usurped, name of Jewish settlements, 333-344

Proclamation by the High Commissioner about the administrative division in Palestine, 295, 305-306

Summary of fate of Arab towns and villages in Palestine, 332

833 in 1948

526 occupied 1948- 1949

425 destroyed

101 still existing in Israel

307 in West Bank and Gaza

Towns and villages in Palestine 1945, 295-305

Usurping Arab houses and apartments in cities for settling Jews, 306-307, 332

Zionist committee for allocating usurped Arab homes and apartments for settling Jews, 306-307

Zionist settlements built on sites of plundered Arab villages, 310-311

Expulsion of Palestinians, 1948-1950, 251-268

Acre, 261-262

Allon, Yigal, role in expulsion, 259-261

Arab Higher Committee imposed restrictions on flight, 257, 265

Begin, Menachem, on expulsion, 254

Beisan, 261

Beit Surik, 254

Ben Gurion, David, on expulsion, 251-252, 258, 261, 265

Bernadotte, Count Folke, on expulsion, 252

Biddu, 254

British Consul General in Jerusalem on plight of refugees, 260

Conspiracy to expel, 251-252, 266

Deir Yassin massacre, 253, 261

Duwayma massacre, 265

Edh Dhahiriya et Tahta, 265

Ein ez Zeitun massacre, 263-264

Elabun, 266

El Bassa massacre, 263

El Bi'na massacre, 263

El Ghabisiya, 264

Expulsion, 251-252, 254, 258, 261, 265

Fajja, 257

Haifa, 253, 255-256, 261

Herzog, Chaim, misrepresentation on expulsion, 252, 253

Hitler, on expulsion of other races, 251

IDF Intelligence Branch report testifies to expulsion, 251-257, 259-260, 265

Ikrit, 265-266

Jaffa, 253, 261


German Colony, 261

Katamon, 261

Mamillah, 262

Mount Zion, 262

Musrara, 262

Upper Bakaa, 261

Jiryis, Sabri, on expulsion, 265

Jish, 262

Kabri, 264-265

Kfar Anan, 265

Kfar Berem, 262

Khalisa, El, 264

Khirbet Lid, 257

Kuweikat, 263

Lydda, 258-262

Majd el Kurum Masiere, 263

El Manara, 253

Mijdal, 266

Morris, Benny, on expulsion, 253-260, 265

Nasr-ed-Din, 253

Nazism and Zionism, doctrines of expulsion, 251-252

Operation Ben-Ami, 262

Operation Dani, 262

Operation Jephtha, 261

Operation Misparayim, 261

Operation Nachson, 261

Palestinians must never return, 252

Palmach role in expulsion, 253-257, 264

Palumbo, Michael, cited, 261-262

Rabin, Yitzhak, role in expulsion, 259-260

Er Rama, 261

Ramle, 258-262

Refugees, harassment of, 259-261

Safad, 261

Saffuriya, 263

Safsaf massacre, 262

Sandaleh, 266

Schiff, Ze'ev on expulsion, 255

Es Sumeiriya, 264

Terrorist organizations' role in expulsion, 253-257

Haganah, 253-257

Irgun Zvai Leumi, 253-257

Stern Gang, 253-257

Tiberias, 252-253, 261

Transfer is expulsion, 251-252, 266

Weitz, Joseph, on expulsion, 251

Yazur (Jaffa Sub-district), 261

Ez Zib, 264

Zisling, Aharon, on expulsion and robbery, 262-263

Families, the Inhuman Separation of Palestinian, 693-704

Baby unwanted in his homeland, 700

Case studies of inhuman separation of Palestinian families

Al-Haj, Hajar Ahmed Mohammed, 702

Belbisi, Paris Mahmoud, 701

Burbar, Mustafa, 701-702

Sa'ada, Bassam Mohammed Mahmoud, 701

Shahin, Adel Ahmed, 701

Golda Meir shudders on hearing of Palestinian child births, 700-701

Gorbachev, President Mikhail S., urges reunification of families, 694

Helsinki Declaration of 1975 urges reunification of families, 693

Inhuman separation of Palestinian families, 693-704

Israel and American Jews demand union of Jewish families and practice separation of Palestinian families, 693

Israel persecutes United States citizens of Palestinian background, 703

Israel prevents unification of Jewish families in the United States, 694-695

Israel separates Palestinian families and impedes their reunification, 695-699

Jabara, Abdeen, President of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, protests Israeli harassment of Palestinian Americans, 703

Langer, Advocate Felicia, vice president of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, testifies to inhuman separation of Palestinian families, 699-703

Reagan, President Ronald, urges reunification of families, 694

Separation of Palestinian families is a violation of Human Rights, 695

Shelton, Dr. Dinah, Professor of International Law, summarizes international law regarding reunification of families, 693-694

Specific cases of separating Palestinian families and impeding their unification, 696-699

State Department confirms Israeli harassment of Palestinian-Americans, 703

United States must apply Jackson-Vanik Amendment against Israel, 703

Universal Declaration of Human Rights urges the reunification of families. 693

Gaza Strip, Warcrimes Against, 425-432

Brutalities toward Arab women, 430-432

Continuation of Terror, 428-429

Crimes during June 5-11, 1967, 425

Crimes during June 11-15, 1967, 425

Crippling of education, 431-432

Destruction of Arab homes, 429

Destruction of Gaza Economy, 431

Detention, 425, 427-428, 431

Expulsion of population, 429-430

Looting by Israeli soldiers, 428-429

Massacres, 425

Responsibility for crimes lies on Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon, 432

Terrorizing refugee camps, 425-426


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