Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

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Peace, Crimes Against, (see Crimes Against Peace), 883-903

Piracy and Terrorism Committed by Israel at Sea, 851-859

Australian Foreign Minister, Graeme Campbell, charged Israel with "act of piracy," 851

Australian ship hi-jacked, 854

Campbell, Graeme, former Foreign Minister and presently Governor General of Australia, charges Israel with "act of piracy," 851

Cypriot ship hi-jacked, 862

Egyptian ship hi-jacked, 855

English ship hi-jacked, 854

Honduran ships hi-jacked, 855-857

Imprisonment of passengers and crews of hi-jacked ships, 85 1-857

Israeli hi-jacking of ships at sea, 851 -859

Israeli murder of officers and crews of hi-jacked ships, 855

Israeli navy robs passengers and crews of money, jewelry, watches and other valuables, 856-857

Israeli piracy against following ships: 852-857, 862

Ainadin, Lebanese, 854

Alisur Blanco, Cypriot, 862

Amal, 855

Anton, Egyptian, 855

Ataveros, Panamanian, 853

Casselardit, Australian, 854

Genda, English, 854

Hamadallah, Lebanese, 854

Khalil I, Lebanese, 852

Laroz I, Turkish, 855

Maria R. Honduran, 855-856

Nadija, Honduran, 857

Lebanese ships hi-jacked, 854

Non-governmental organizations, (NGO) Symposium1987 in Geneva condemns Israeli terrorism and piracy at sea, 85 1-852

Panamanian ship hi-jacked, 853

Piracy is international crimes, 85 1

Prevention of terrorism, United States and Israel alone voted against United Nations General Assembly Resolution for, 852, 857-859

Shultz, George P., Secretary of State, and his legal adviser Abraham Sofaer, instruct United States Delegation to vote against United Nations resolution to prevent international terrorism, 852

Turkish ship hi-jacked, 855

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 42/159, 7 December, 1987, regarding measures to prevent international terrorism, 857-859

Israel and United States alone vote against Resolution 42/159, 859

Recorded vote on Resolution 421159, 859

United States and Israel alone vote against United Nations General Assembly resolution of December 7, 1987, to prevent international terrorism, 852, 857-859

Plunder and Usurpation of Palestinian Lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip 1967 to 1989, (see Jewish Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip 1967 to 1989), 481-556

Restitution, International Law of, 923-951

Allied powers, declarations, 925-926

Allied powers in Germany laws, 926-927

Belligerent occupation, law of, 923-924

Buildings and apartments owned by Arabs, 940

Buber, Martin, testifies to usurpation of Arab lands, 944

Dayan, Moshe, admits erasing Palestinian villages from the map and usurping Arab lands, 944

Governments in exile, declarations, 926

European legislation about restitution, 928-931

Austria, 928

Belgium, 929

Bulgaria, 929

Czechoslovakia, 929

Denmark, 929

France, 929

Holland, 929-930

Hungary, 930

Italy, 930

Poland, 930

Portugal, 930

Romania, 930

Sweden, 930

Switzerland, 930-93 1

Yugoslavia, 93 1

Geneva Convention, protection of persons in time of war, 934

Illegal and fraudulent manner with which Zionists dispossessed Palestinians, 945-946

Industry ownership by Arabs and Jews, 946

Israeli illegal and fraudulent methods for usurping Palestinian lands in West Bank and Gaza, 946-947

Israeli laws used to dispossess Palestinians, 945-946

Abandoned areas ordinance, 945

Absentees property law, 946

Development authority (transfer property), 946

Emergency regulations (cultivation of waste lands), 945

Land acquisition (validation of acts and compensation) law, 946

Jewish law, code of, forbids robbery, 933

Jewish point of view regarding property confiscation, 93 1-933

Jewish settlements established in West Bank and Gaza, 947

Jewish writers testify to usurpation of Arab lands, 944- 945

Land purchased by Jews not from Palestinians but from Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian landlords, 938-939

Lands purchased by Jews, 938-939

Livestock owned by Arabs and Jews, 941

London declaration of 1943, 924

London international law conference, 924-925

Motor vehicles' ownership, 940

Ownership of lands by Arabs and Jews, 939

Palestinian wealth usurpation, (see also Usurpation and spoliation), 937-945

Peace Treaties, restitution in, 927-928

Permanent Court of International Justice, judgment of, about restitution, 924

Private and public property, violation of, is a War Crime, 934

Restitution, International Law of, invalidates Zionist measures against Palestinian rights, properties and interests, 923-951

Sources of, International Law of Restitution, 924

Sovereignty of peoples over national wealth and resources, 934-935

Sovereignty, permanent, over national resources in occupied Arab territories, 935-937

United Nations General Assembly condemns usurpation of Palestinian lands, 946-947

United Nations General Assembly resolution restitution, 934-935

United Nations has legal and moral duty for restituting Arab wealth, 947-949

United Nations resolutions, implication of, 937

Usurpation and spoliation of national wealth (resources) of Palestinians, 94 1-944

Usurpation and Spoliation of Palestinian wealth from 1948-1967, 937-945

Usurpation of Palestinian national wealth from 1967-1989, 946-947

Zeevi, General Rehav'am, admits usurpation of Arab land, 944

Settler Terrorism Against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, 705-734

Ariel, Rabbi Israel, says condemnation of Jewish settler terrorists would also mean condemnation of Sharnir, Geula Cohen and Menahem Begin, for Deir Yassin massacre, 707

Beita village, Crimes Against, 721-723

Biographical sketches of 25 settler leaders and criminals, 717-721

Campaign of settler terrorism, 707-708

Crimes against persons, 709

Crimes against property, 709

Destruction of Palestinian property by Jewish settlers, 708-709, 723-726

Eitan, General Rafael, calls for immediate implementation of the transfer plan of Beita village and removing population to Lebanon, 723

Factors contributing to Jewish terrorism, 705-707

Financing of Jewish settler terrorism is by Israeli government, 709-711

Harassment of Palestinians by Jewish settlers, 708-709, 724-726

Herzog, Chaim, reduces sentences of Jewish settler terrorists, 732

Injuries caused by Jewish settlers, 708-709, 724-726

Israeli government finances Jewish terrorism, 709-711

Jewish National Fund instrument for usurping Palestinian land and property, 710-711

Jewish settler terrorist crimes from 1979-1984, 723-726

Jewish settler terrorist crimes from 1984- 1988, 726-733

Jewish settlers live in houses built on usurped Palestinians lands, 705

Jewish terrorist network criminals had charges reduced from murder to manslaughter, and then dropped altogether, 708

Jewish Underground groups reported by the United Nations

Special Committee, 711-712

Ein Kerem group, 712

Kach group, 711

Temple Mount group, 712

Underground, so-called, 712

Karp Report about settler terrorism, 715-7 16

Kidnappings by Jewish settlers, 708-709, 724-726

Levinger, Rabbi Moshe, praises terrorists for maiming Palestinian mayors, 707

Murders by Jewish settlers, 708-709, 723-726

Ne'eman, Yuval, calls for pardons for Jewish settler terrorists, 707

Profiles of Jewish settler terrorists, 7 16-717

Punishing the victims, 72 1-723

Scandal of Karp Report, 715-716

Statistics of settler terrorism, 709

United Nations Special Committee to investigate Israeli practices condemns Jewish settler terrorism, 705

Waldman, Rabbi Eliezer, calls for erasing Beita village from the map, 723



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