Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

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Solution of the Palestine Problem, 1023-1041

Al-Masjid Al-Aksa, destruction by Jews and building the Jewish Temple, 1040

American Jewish majority opposing in 1919 a Jewish state in Palestine, 1023

American Jewish majority "reject in 1919 national home for Jewish people in Palestine," 1023

American people revolting against aid to Israel, 1039- 1040

American shame in allowing Zionist minority to control United States Congress, 1040

American Zionists must bear responsibility for the future Holocaust in the Middle East, 1040

American Zionists must bear responsibility for what will happen to Jews in the future, 1040

Americans one day will tell American Jews to go to Israel, 1040

Balfour clarifies interpretation of Balfour declaration, 1029

Balfour states, "Weizman never put forward a claim for Jewish Government in Palestine," 1029

"Such a claim is inadmissable and we should go no further than the original declaration made to Lord Rothschild," 1029

Balfour declaration was price for Zionists' railroading United States of America into World War I, 1023

Boundaries of Jewish state, 1031

Accepted by Jewish Agency representatives, 1031- 1032

Defined by United Nations, 1031

Britain submits Palestine problem to United Nations, 1030-1031

United Nations Special Committee submits majority and minority plans, 1030

Committee of 31 American Jewish leaders signed on behalf of 300 leaders published in The New York Times, March 5, 1919, 1025-1026

Congressman Julius Kahn presented memorandum of 300 American Jewish leaders to President Wilson, 1024- 1025

Dole, Senator Robert, declarations, 1039

Double allegiance  repudiated in 1919 by American Jews, 1024

Establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine opposed to principles of democracy, 1024

Expulsion of Palestinians, Israeli leaders determined to carry out, 1040

False assumptions of Israel's invincibility, 1039

Arab states are well armed and shall unite, 1039

Israel has never been militarily superior, 1039

United States support will end one day, 1039

Holy Land solution, advantages of, 1037-1038

Vision of central Rabbinical Congress in 1990, 1038

Vision of Judah L. Magnes, 1038

Vision of Martin Buber, 1038

Vision of memorandum to President Wilson in 1919, 1038

International Court of Justice, referring  Palestine problem to, rejected by 21 versus 20 votes, 1031

Intifada, Israeli crimes against 1987-1990, 1034

Israel admission to United Nations, 1033

Conditions in resolution 18 1 (11), no discrimination, no expropriation of lands, 1033

Israel representative assured United Nations committee Israel would comply with United Nations resolutions, 1033

Israel declaration of Independence, 1032

Based on United Nations General Assembly resolution of November 29, 1947, 1032

Israeli crimes against the Intifada from 1987-1990, 1034

Israeli crimes from 1967- 1987, 1034

Israeli leaders and American supporters will reject all solutions, 1039

Israeli lobby will lose, 1039- 1040

Senator Dole's declarations, 1039

United States financially bankrupt, 1039- 1040

Whispers in United States Congress, 1039

Israeli plans of aggression against the Arab world, 1039

Jastrow, Professor Morris, Jr., writes a letter to President Wilson, 1026

Jewish segregation reactionary, undemocratic, contrary to free government, 1024

Jewish temple, building of, 1040

Jews divided about Zionism, 1023

Jews of America, England, France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and other lands refuse to surrender their citizenship to resort to a "Jewish homeland in Palestine," 1024

Kahn, Congressman Julius, presents memorandum of 300 American Jewish leaders to President Wilson, 1024- 1025

League of British Jews oppose Zionism, 1023

League of Nations covenant and Palestine, 1029

List of 300 American Jewish leaders who signed memorandum to peace conference and handed it to President Wilson, 1026- 1029

Lord Montagu asserts "when Jews told Palestine their national home, every country will desire to get rid of Jews," 1023

Lord Montagu calls British government anti-Semitic, 1023

Lord Montagu opposed Zionism, 1023

Lord Montagu says, "There is no Jewish nation," 1023

Majority of American Jews opposing organizing Jews as a national unit, 1023

Majority of American Jews say: "We ask that Palestine be constituted as independent, democratic state with no distinctions of creed, race or ethnic descent," 1025

Majority of American Jews say: "We do not wish Palestine, either now or in the future, organized as a Jewish state," 1025

Memorandum to Peace conference  voicing opinion of majority of American Jews, 1023

New York Times, March 5, 1919, publish text of memorandum by 300 American Jewish leaders to Wilson protesting Zionism, 1025

Nuclear and chemical war threat in Middle East, 1040

Holocaust in Middle East, 1040

Objections to segregation of Jews as a political unit, 1024- 1025

Partition implementation proved impossible, 1031

Peace conference, statement to, by three hundred American Jewish leaders opposing Zionism, 1023- 1026

Position in and population of Palestine in 1948, 1033

Revolt by Jewish minority in Palestine, 1033

Secret agreement between British war cabinet and Zionists in 1916, 1023

Security Council resolution 242, 1035

Caradon, Lord, interpretation of resolution 242, 1035

Goldberg, Arthur J., interpretation of resolution 242, 1035

Smith, George Adam, says it is not correct to say Palestine is national home of Jewish people, 1024

Solutions, alternative: 1035

Holy land state, 1035, 1037

Implementation of all United Nations resolutions, 1035-1037

In accordance with international law and justice, 1035-1036

Solutions attempted by British government, 1029-1030

Churchill White Paper, 1029

Establishment of independent Palestine state, 1030

Mandate system, 1029

1939 White Paper, 1030

Paragraph 4 of Article 22 of League of Nations Covenant, 1029

Partition recommended and abandoned, 1030

Text of memorandum by American Jewish leaders to President Wilson published in New York Times, March 5, 1919, 1025

Title of article in New York Times, "Protest to Wilson against Zionism," 1025

Text of memorandum by 300 American Jewish leaders opposing Zionism and establishing a Jewish state in 1919, 1023-1026

Three hundred American Jewish leaders send memorandum to President Wilson opposing Zionism, 1023

United Nations Ad Hoc Committee considers Palestine problem, 1030- 1031

Subcommittee No. 1, 1031

Subcommittee No. 2, 1031

United Nations Conciliation Commission established, 1032-1033

Lausanne protocol based discussion on resolution 181(11) of 29 November, 1947, 1032- 1033

United Nations General Assembly adopted partition resolution November 29, 1947, by 33 votes against  13 versus 10 abstentions, 1031

United Nations Security Council calls for United Nations special session to consider future government of Palestine, 1031-1032

Resolution, 1032

United Nations Special Committee for Palestine submits majority and minority plans, 1030

United States accepted Jewish state boundaries as defined in 29 November, 1947, resolution, 1032

United States administration and congress can stop the future tragedy and Holocaust in Middle East, 1040

United States of America an obstacle to peace, 1035

Accepts Shamir's ideas, 1035

Gave Israel sophisticated weapons to grant military superiority, 1035

Made Israel its strategic ally, 1035

United States forced P.L.O. recognize security council resolution 242 while Israel rejects it, 1035

United States knows Israel not interested in peace, . 1035

United States knows Israel refuses to withdraw from occupied territories, 1035

Uniting church and state under Jewish hierarchy leap backward two thousand years, 1024

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide committed by Zionists from 1948-1950, 1033- 1034

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide committed by Zionists from 1987-1990, 1034

West Bank and Gaza occupation in 1967, 1034

Wilson, President Woodrow, calls memorandum of 300 American Jewish leaders protesting Zionism "the views of highly responsible persons," 1026

Wilson, President Woodrow, replies to Professor Morris Jastrow. Jr., 1026

Town Arrest Orders for Palestinians, 683-692

Temple, Zionist Plans to "Rebuild" Jewish, 371-372, 380-392, 712, 956, 961, 1004-1005, 1040

Al Aqsa Mosque, 371-372, 380-386, 391-392

Aggression against 1986, 383-386

Aggression against 1987, 391-392

Attack in 1981, 382

Attempts to burn 1982- 1986, 371-372, 380-381

Desecration of 1982- 1986, 371-372

Al-Masjid Al-Aksa, destruction by Jews and building the Jewish Temple, 1040

Ariel, Rabbi Israel, head of Temple Institute reconstructs some ritual implements for temple sacrifices, 392

Commission to investigate claims of Muslims and Jews regarding "Wailing Wall," 388

Decision of Commission that the "Wailing Wall" is the Western Wall of Al Masjid Al Aqsa, 388

Conspiracy to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque, 387-389

Kook, chief Rabbi Abrahm Ishaq, 387-388

Melchett, Lord (Alfred Mond) wishes the Temple to be rebuilt on the site of Al Aqsa Mosque, 387

Rosenbach, Abraham, writes to Grand Mufti of Palestine, 387-388

Ussishkin, Menahem Mendel, request to turn over to Jews area  of Al Aqsa Mosque, 387

Goldfoot, Stanley, Secretary General of Jerusalem Temple Foundation, conspires to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque: was a member of Irgun Z'vai Leumi and took part in King David Hotel massacre, 389, 391

Halsell, Grace, reports about conspiracy between Zionists and Christian Evangelists to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque, 390-391

Israeli conspiracy to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and build the Jewish Temple on its site, 388

Jewish temple, building of, 1040

Jewish temple: Israeli religious affairs ministry sponsors conference on Temple research, 392

Jewish temple, rebuilding of, 1004-1005

Jesus said, "I will destroy this temple..," 1004

Prediction of rebuilding Jewish Temple by Hal Lindsey denies Jesus Christ, 1004

Rosenau, Dr. Helen, Jewish art historian, says rebuilding temple "undesirable," 1005

League of Nations Commission determines Western Wall belongs to Muslims, 961

Muslims have ownership of the Western Wall called by Jews the "Wailing Wall," 961

Palestine Order in Council, 1931, confirms Muslim ownership of Western Wall, 961

Solomon, King, built pagan temples as well as Jewish temples, 956

Temple Mount group, 712

"Wailing Wall" farce: It is not part of the Jewish Temple, 961

"Wailing Wall" not part of the Jewish Temple, 961

Zionist false claim that the "Wailing Wall" is part of the Jewish Temple, while in fact it was built by the Muslims as the Western Wall of Al Masjid Al Aksa, 961

Terrorism Committed by Zionists Against Americans in the United States, 861-868

ADL, (see also Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith), 861-862

AIPAC, (see also American-Israel public affairs committee), 861-862

American-Israel public affairs committee, 861-862

Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith, 861-862

Congressional witnesses, 865-867

Incidents of terrorism, 864-867

Jewish terrorist groups working with Israel, 862-867

Jewish action, 867

Jewish Defence League, 862-867

Terror against terror, 867

Kach movement, 863

Karp, Yehudit, deputy attorney general of Israel, report, 867

Report verifies Jewish terrorist ties to Israeli officials, 867

Presidents' conference of major Jewish organizations, 861

Sworn testimony before United States Congress on Jewish terrorism, 865-867

Rimawi, Bonnie, 866

Sadd, David J., 866-867

Zogby, Dr. James, 865-866

Types of Zionist terrorism in the United States, 862-867

Arson, 862-865

Beating victims, 865-866

Bombing, 862-864, 966-867


Harassment, 864-866


Murder, 863-865

Rape, 864

United States Department of Energy report on Jewish terrorism, 862-864

Verifies seven murders by JDL in United States, 864

United States Department of Justice report on Jewish terrorism, 862

FBI charges Jewish extremists with arsons, bombings and assaults, 862

Zionist terrorism against Americans, (see also Terrorism committed by Zionists against Americans in the United States), 861-868

Terrorism, Zionist, 65-85, 87-118, 119-157, 159-230, 705-734, 831-849, 851-859, 861-868

Against Americans in the United States, 861-868

Crimes in Palestine 1939-1948, 65-85, 87-118, 119-157, 159-230

Hijacking ships, 851-859

Mossad murders, 831-849

Settler Terrorism, 705-734

Torture and Inhuman Treatment of Palestinian Prisoners, 623-637

Comparison between Israeli and Nazi concentration camps and prisons, 624-628, 630-632

Israeli leaders imitate Nazi leaders in torture of prisoners, 623

Israeli terrorists and war criminals form commisssion to whitewash Israeli practice of torture, 636

Juvenile Palestinians tortured (case histories), 623-624

Aita, Amjad Abu, 624

Aslini, Abdul Nasser Abdul Wahed Musa, 624

Aslini, Bassem Abdul Wahed Musa, 624

Qumsieh, Raja, 624

Qumsieh, Walid George, 623-624

Shomali, Tarik, 624

Palestinian prisoners die under torture, 623, 626-627, 629-630

Quigley, John, professor of law at Ohio State University, article on Israel's policy on interrogation, 636-637

Secret place for torture, 632-633

Sick and wounded prisoners tortured, 633-636

Testimony from Lebanese Red Crescent Society as to torture, 634-636

Torture of Palestinian prisoners, 623-637

Torture of Palestinian women, 628

Torture of prisoners is a War Crime, 623

Zionist attempt to whitewash their use of torture, 636-637

Torture of Palestinian Women, 639-672

Antonius, Soraya, documents torture of Palestinian women, 639-658

Daughter beaten in front of her father, 646

Deportation of Palestinian Women from 1968- 1983, 669- 670

Expulsion of Palestinian women, 669

Four young Palestinian women (including minors) tortured, 643

Ill treatment and violation of Palestinian women violates1949 Geneva Convention, 639

Inhuman treatment of Palestinian women, (see also Torture of Palestinian women), 639-672

List of Palestinian women prisoners, 648-669

Compiled by Soraya Antonius, 648-658

List from 1980- 1984, 658-667

Unnamed women prisoners, 667-669

Palestinian women during the Intifada, 67 1

Pregnant women placed in jail, 640

Rape by interrogaters reported, 643

Schoolgirls between 14 and 15-years-old jailed with Israeli prostitutes and drug pushers, 640

Suspected case of poisoning of school girls, 670-671

Woman prisoner stripped naked and beaten by male guards, 646

Women shot (three killed, thirteen wounded) when protesting not being allowed to see their husbands being detained in Gaza prison, 642

Town Arrests of Palestinians, 683-692

Amnesty international report condemns the town arrest of Palestinians, 683-692

Israelis adopt measures used by the Nazis, 683

Persons restricted by town arrest orders include doctors, lawyers, social workers, religious leaders, journalists, teachers, students, fanners and merchants, both men and women, and young men and girls, 684-692

Town arrest orders are made arbitrarily and neither the restricted persons nor his lawyer is given reason for the town arrest, 684

Transfer Plan, 16, 588, 723, 784, 899-900, 1041-1048

Dekel, Michael, states that, "transfer is the only way to solve the Palestinian problem," 1041

Eitan, General Rafael, calls for immediate implementation of the transfer plan of Beita village and removing population to Lebanon, 723

Gazit, General Shlomo, admits that Israeli measures in West Bank and Gaza were designed so that Palestinians would, "face unemployment, and a shortage of land and water and thus we can create the necessary conditions for the departure of the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza," 588

Netanyahu, Binyamin, states that Israel should, "carry out mass deportations of Arabs from the territories," 1041

Plan to expel Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza, 899-900

Secret Intelligence Unit for expulsion formed 1967, 900

"Secret Intelligence Unit" to deal with expulsion of Palestinians, 900

Formed as result of Cabinet meeting in 1967, 900

Former Special Adviser on Intelligence to Prime Minister Yitshak Rabin, General Rehav'am Zeevi, says "transfer" of Palestinians would be "humane," 900

Minister Without Portfolio Ya'akov Meridor urged transfer in 1982, 900

"Transfer Plan," developed shortly after 1967 war, 16

"Transfer," Zionist eupenism for War Crime of Expulsion, 900

World Zionist Organization (Jewish Agency) recommends to personal representatives of President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Palestinians be "transferred" to Iraq, 899-900

Zeevi, General Rehav'am, advocates the expulsion of Palestinians, 784

Zeevi, General Rehav'am, reveals that Levi Eshkol set up intelligence unit to deal with expulsion of Palestinians, 16

Zionist leaders hold symposium at Zionist Organization of America House in Jerusalem on transfer plan, 16



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