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Israel is an Illegitimate Regime (see Israel Not a State in Fact or in Law), 905-922

Israel is Not Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy, (see Biblical Prophecy), 975-1021

Israel Not a Legitimate State, (see Israel Not a State in Fact or in Law), 905-922

Israel Not a State in Fact or in Law, 905-922

Acts contrary to international law are invalid and cannot be the source of legal rights, 911

Admission of Israel to the United Nations was illegal, 918

Void ab inition, 918

Aim of mandates to ensure the well-being and development of peoples inhabiting the territories in question, not of immigrants to those territories, 913

American states in their conferences from 1932 until today upheld the following principles: 911-912

Acquisition of territories by force cannot be permitted, 912

Do not recognize the validity of territorial conquests, 911-912

They will not recognize any territorial arrangements not obtained by peaceful means, 912

Balfour declaration, 905

Balfour declaration stated no prejudice to civil and religious rights of Palestinians or rights and political status of Jews in any other country, 905

Balfour declaration was illegal, 917

Balfour declaration was injected in article 2 of Palestine mandate, 906

Ben-Gurion, David, admits in 1946, that Jews own only 6.7% of total land in Palestine, 907

Boundary of Palestine in North determined December 1920, 905

British government recognized independence of Arab governments, including Palestine, 905

British government submitted Palestine problem to United Nations, 907

British sent Royal Commission in 1937 to investigate causes of disturbances, 906

British White Papers of 1922 and 1939 recognized the rights of Palestinians to independence, 917

Chen, Professor T. C., states: 911

"There can be no physical existence of a State independent of legal existence," 911

Christian Palestinian descendants of first Christians who adopted Christianity at the hands of the Apostles, 905

Christian Palestinians, 20% of the Palestinian people, 905

Churchill, Winston, interprets the Balfour declaration: 906

Balfour declaration does not mean imposing Jewish nationality upon inhabitants of Palestine, 906

Balfour declaration does not mean Palestine converted into Jewish National Home, but such a home be founded in Palestine, 906

States, "Britain never contemplated disappearance or subordination of Arab population in Palestine," 906

This interpretation need not cause alarm to Arab population or disappointment to Jews, 906

Conquest by force of arms and occupation cannot be recognized, 911-912

Conquest shall not be recognized as legitimate, 911

Covenant of League of Nations recognized Palestinians as provisionally independent nation in Article 22, paragraph 4, 905

Declaration of independence by a minority after expelling the majority a violation of international law, 912

Declaration of independence by Zionist leaders in 1948 has no validity in international law, 916-917

Disturbances in Palestine from 1919 to 1939, 906

Doctrine of non-recognition: A state cannot be recognized unless it has a legitimate existence, 911

Great Britain, the mandatory of Palestine could not annex the territory of Palestine and the minority of Jews cannot annex 80% of Palestine territory by force, violence and War Crimes, 920

Historical facts, 905-909

House of Lords of Great Britain opposes Palestine mandate after injecting in it the Balfour declaration, 906

Lord Islington submitted motion condemning draft of Palestine mandate, including Balfour declaration, 906

Resolution of Lord Islington carried by 60 votes against 29, 906

Resolution states, "Palestine mandate violates pledges by British Government to Palestinian people and opposed to sentiments of majority of Palestinians," 906

Hussein-McMahon agreement, 905

Illegal acts constitute a violation of international law and are invalid, 912

Illegality cannot become a source of legal rights to the wrongdoer, 911

Independence of Palestinians provisionally recognized by Article 22, Paragraph 4, of League of Nations covenant, 905

Indigenous population in Palestine descendants of all races which lived and conquered Palestine, 905

International Court of Justice opinion upheld "The principle of non-annexation and the principle of wellbeing and development of peoples of mandated territories as a sacred trust of civilization," 919-921

Israel not a state in international law, 917-921

Balfour declaration was illegal, 917

Israeli government in 1948 illegitimately composed of War Criminals, 918

Israeli political and military leaders of today were members of Haganah, Irgun and Stern Gang terrorist organizations from 1939-1948, 907

Israel's declaration of independence May 14, 1948, 908

Israel's declaration of independence was based on partition resolution dated November 29, 1947, 908

Jewish aliens in Palestine cannot expel Palestinian citizens, 918-919

Jewish citizens of Palestine cannot expel Palestinian citizens, 918

Jewish population in Palestine in 19th century only 12,000, 906

Jewish possession of 80% of Palestine in 1948 was illegal as a result of committing aggression and War Crimes, 918

Jews in Israel in 1948 were as follows: 909

born abroad 463,000

born in Palestine 253,700

Jews in Palestine in 1882 were only 24,000, 906

Jews in 1946 owned only 6.7% of the total area of Palestine, 907

Jews were not the indigenous population of Palestine, 917-918

Land ownership in Palestine, 907

Jews own only 6.7%, 907

Percentage of land ownership by districts of Palestine, 907

Lauterpacht, Professor Sir Hersch states: 911

Acts contrary to international law are invalid and cannot be the source of legal rights, 911

League of Nations covenant, Article 22, Paragraph 4, recognized Palestinians as provisionally independent nation, 905

League of Nations study about mandates states, "Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Trans-Jordan and Iraq are each recognized as provisionally independent but receives advice and assistance from a Mandatory until it is able to stand alone", 913-914

Legal existence, a legitimate state must have, 911

Legitimacy of a state depends on its fulfillment of requisites of a state, 911-912

Population being habitually settled in territory, 911

Requisites include acquisition of territory being legitimate, 911

Legitimate existence of a state a requirement for recognition, 911

Legitimate states must have indigenous population habitually settled in the territory and the acquisition of territory must be legitimate, 911

Legitimate states must have legal existence, 911

London conference of 1939, 906

Mandatory power cannot annex mandated territory, 919-921

Minority cannot expel the majority in a country, 912

Expelling the majority is an act of aggression and a War Crime, 912

Minority cannot enjoy the fruits of its War Crimes and cannot be recognized as a state, 912

Northern boundary of Palestine was determined by Franco-British convention of December, 1920, 905

Occupation of Palestine by Zionists illegal, 919

Palestine part of the Ottoman empire, 905

Palestine people represented in Turkish Parliament by six members, 905

Palestine placed under Class A Mandate, 905

Palestine problem submitted to United Nations, 907

Palestinian Arabs were part of the Arab national movement, 905

Partition resolution adopted by 33 votes in favor, 13 opposed and 10 abstentions, 29 November, 1947, 907, 915

Arabs were a majority in proposed Jewish state, 907

509,780 Muslims and Christians lived in Jewish state and 499,020 Jews lived in proposed Jewish state, 907

Jewish state was given 5,579 square miles, Arab state given 4,421 square miles, 907

Partition resolution by United Nations has no effect on Palestinian rights, 915-916

United Nations had no right to dispose of any part of Palestine and deprive the majority of their territory, 915-916

United Nations has no jurisdiction to recommend the partition of Palestine, 915

People of the state in international law, 910, 917-918

People of the state must belong to the country as its population, 910

Percentage of population and land ownership in the districts of Palestine in 1947, 907

Permanent court of international justice held: 912

Illegal acts constitute a violation of international law and are invalid, 912

Population of Israel in 1948 was 716,700 Jews, 155,300 Palestinians who remained after Zionists expelled 800,000, 909

Population of Palestine in 1919, 906

58,000 Jews, recent immigrants from Europe and Russia, 906

568,000 Muslims and Christians, 906

Population of Palestine in 1947, 907

1,350,000 Muslims and Christians and 650,000 Jews, 907

253,700 Jews born in Palestine, 396,000 Jews alien immigrants, 907

Position of Palestine under international law, 915

At the termination of the mandate, the people of Palestine became an independent sovereign nation, 915

Sovereignty was vested in the people of Palestine, exercised on behalf of the people by the mandatory power, 915

Position of Palestine under the mandate, 913-915

Recognition depends on treatment of minorities, 912

Recognition of a state, 911-912

Requisites of a state in international law, 909-910

Oppenheim international law, 909

Professor Alf Ross, 909

Professor Charles Cheney Hyde, 909

Professor John Bassett Moore, 909

Results of illegal acts or aggression cannot be recognized, 911

Rights of Palestinians under the mandate, 913-915

Royal commission 1937, 906

Second special session of United Nations general assembly convened April 16, 1948, to consider the future government of Palestine, 907

Secret negotiations between British war cabinet and Zionist leaders, 905

Self-determination, right of declared by President Woodrow Wilson "an imperative principle," 913

British Prime Minister Lloyd George stated in 1918, "Arabia, Armenia, Mesopotamia, Syria and Palestine are entitled to recognition of their separate national conditions," 913

Sovereignty in mandated territories, 914-915

Sovereignty in a mandated territory resides in the people of the mandated territory, 914

Soviet Bloc, United States and western Europe pressured for partition, 907

State requisites in international law, 909-910

Territory of the state in international law, 910-911, 918

State territory must be the territorial property of the state, 910-911

Territory must not belong to the territory of any existing state, 910

Thirty-seven Zionist leaders sign declaration of independence, 908-909

Country of birth and ethnic origin of signers, 908-909

One was born in Palestine, the other 36 were born in foreign countries, 908-909

United Nations duty to expel Israel from the United Nations and recognize the independence of a Palestine state, 921

United Nations general assembly appointed United Nations special committee to investigate Palestine problem and to recommend solutions, 907

United Nations general assembly had no jurisdiction to recommend the partition of Palestine, 915

United Nations special committee submits a majority plan for partition and a minority plan for a federal state, 907

United Nations special session to consider future government of Palestine, 907-908

United States delegation submitted working paper on trusteeship of Palestine pending a peaceful settlement, 908

United States, western Europe and Soviet Bloc pressured for partition, 907

White Paper of 1939, 906

Declared object of British Government to establish an independent Palestine state, 906

Rejected partition of Palestine, 906

Woodhead commission of 1938 recommended partition of Palestine, 906

Zionist leaders committed War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, 917

Zionist leaders use their influence to railroad United States into World War I in consideration of Balfour declaration, 905

Zionists occupied in 1948 80% of Palestine, including 2,421 square miles more than had been allotted to the proposed Jewish state, 907

Zionists reject White Paper of 1939, 907

Haganah, Irgun and Stern Gang commit crimes of terrorism from 1939-1948, 907

Zionists used force in defiance of the United Nations, 919

Israeli Crimes 1948 to 1988 (United Nations Records), 413-424, 433-480

Assaults by helicopters, 440, 445-446, 449, 457, 465, 468, 476-477, 479-480

Commando Unit 101 and its crimes, 413-415

Commando Unit 101 formed by Sharon, 413-414

Dismemberment of Arab world is a Zionist objective, 413

Gaza Strip Massacres, 419-420

Hussan massacre, 420

Kibya massacre, 417

Liquidation of Palestinian claims to Palestine is a Zionist objective, 413

Massacres, 417-420, 472

Gaza Strip, 419-420

Hussan, 420

Kibya, 417

Nahalin, 418

Sabra and Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camps, 472

Nahalin massacre 418

Objective to occupy Sinai, 414

Sabra and Shatila massacre, 472

Sharett, Moshe, Diaries, 413-415

Sharon responsible for Kibya massacre, 414-415

Territorial conquest through war is a Zionist objective, 413

Types of Crimes committed by Israel from 1948 to 1988, 415, 433-434

United Nations Records of Israeli crimes, 415-423, 434-480

Armed attacks on United Nations forces, 434, 453-454

Assault by armed Jews on Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, 469-470, 473

Attacks on civilian aircraft, 415-416, 451-452, 479

Attacks on villages, destroying houses and murdering civilians, 416-424, 434-440, 443, 446-447, 449, 451, 457-459, 466, 468, 470, 474-480

Beating up Palestinians, 461, 472-473, 477

Bombing and shelling attacks against civilian centers, 436, 438-439, 441-451, 453-460, 462-480

Closing of Palestinian schools and universities, 473, 475, 477

Destruction of Christian Holy places, 448, 467

Destruction of houses, 435, 442, 445, 448-450, 455-456, 459-461, 463

Destruction of Mosques and Waqf property, 454

Expelling Bedouins, 421, 436

Expelling Palestinian villagers, 416, 434-435, 439, 448, 453

Indiscriminate shelling of Egypt, 436

Intercepting boats and civilian aircraft, 445, 452, 453, 458, 473-474, 478

Kidnapping Arab civilians, 453, 458

Mass arrests and incarceration of Palestinians in concentration camps, 460

Murder of Palestinians, 460, 465, 474-475

Murder of unarmed Egyptian and Syrian prisoners of war, 450, 453

Murdering a medical doctor on the Bethlehem-Hebron road, 417

Shelling and air attack against villages, 417-424

Shooting down unarmed Libyan civilian passenger plane, 451-452

Using Syrian prisoners of war to walk through minefields, 453

Use of tear gas bombs inside the synagogue used by anti-Zionist Jews, 468-469

Zionist criminal objectives analyzed by Livia Rokach, 413-414

Israeli Piracy and Terrorism at Sea, (see Piracy and Terrorism Committed by Israel at Sea), 851-859

Israeli War Crimes Committed in Lebanon, (see Lebanon, Israeli War Crimes Committed in), 789-818


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