Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem

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Jewish Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip 1967 to 1989, 482-556

Consequences of the settlement policy on the local population, 493

Establishment of settlements are War Crimes, 536-539

Existence of deliberate Israeli policy of settlement and annexation:, 494-532

Statements of Israeli cabinet ministers and other officials that their objective is annexation of the West Bank and Gaza, 494-532

Expulsion of Palestinians and establishing Jewish settlements, 486-492

Gush Emunim, 494-532

Impact of the settlement policy and its consequences on the search for peace, 493

International law applicable to military occupation, 536-539

Israeli plan to occupy West Bank and Gaza, 481

Israeli plan to settle and annex the West Bank and Gaza, 481-482

Israeli settlements and the Arab locations on which they were established, 553-555

Jerusalem, first victim of annexation and settlement, 482-486

Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip, 532-534

Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, list, 540-550

Khatib, Ruhi Al-, Mayor of Jerusalem, in testimony about the usurpation of Palestinian properties, 485-486

Mekorot Water Company used to usurp Palestinian water resources, 513

Military occupation, international law applicable to, 536-539

Object of Jewish settlements is to usurp all of the West Bank and Gaza for good, 494, 501-503, 506-507, 518

Owners of Palestinian lands usurped for Jewish settlements, list of, 541-553

Property owned by villages and individuals usurped for Jewish settlements, 541-553

Report of Security Council Commission about establishment of Jewish settlements, 486-493

>Reports of United Nations Special Committee about the establishment of Jewish settlements, 494-532:

1980, 494-498

1981, 498-506

1982, 506-512

1983, 512-518

1984, 518-521

1985, 521-524

1986, 524-528

1987, 528-529

1988, 529-530

1989, 530-532

Security Council Commission, conclusions of, 492-493

Security Council Commission established 1979 to investigate Israeli settlements, 486

Security Council Commission, recommendations of, 493

Settlements, Jewish, in the West Bank and Gaza 1967-1989, (see also Jewish Settlements), 540-555

Total number of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, 555

United Nations and its members responsible for prosecuting War Criminals, 539

United Nations condemns confiscation of Palestinia land, (see also United Nations condemns establishment of Jewish settlements), 534-536

United Nations condemns establishment of Jewish settlements, 534-536

Usurpation of Palestinian water, 513

Usurped Palestinian lands for Jewish settlements, list of owners, 541-553

War Crimes, establishment of settlements are, 536-539

Water, Palestinian, usurpation of, 513

World Zionist Organization (Jewish Agency) objective in establishing settlements, 494

Zaru, Nadim S., Mayor of Ramallah, in testimony about the usurpation of Palestinian properties, 486-487

Jewish Settler Terrorism Against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, (see Settler Terrorism Against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza), 705-734

Jews, Zionist Crimes Against (see Zionist Crimes Against Jews), 869-881

Lebanon, Israeli War Crimes Committed in, 789-818

Admissions by Israeli leaders about Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon, 1982: 801-804

Ariel Sharon, "The word revenge also appeared in discussions among us and the Phalangists," 802

Col. Dov Yermiya, "Israeli Army's indifference has taken on monstrous proportions.. ," 803

Col. Meir Peil, "Solution lies in partitioning Lebanon," 802

Col. Mordechai Bar-On, "War's central aim to deal crushing blow to Palestinians and their very existence as a nation," 802

Col. Yuval Ne'eman, "Israel could integrate south of Litani into development plans," 802

Dr. Haim Gordon, IDF educational officer, "Prisoners at Ansar concentration camp not permitted to leave tents..," 802

Gen. Aharon Yariv, "I know in fact that going to Beirut was included in original military plan," 802

Gen. Amir Drori, "I have coordinated the entry of Phalangists into the camps with their top men," 802

Gen. Menachem Meron, "High percentage of cluster bombs do not explode," 802

Gen. Mordekhai Gur, "I had four villages in Lebanon bombed without making distinctions between civilians and noncivilians," 802

Gen. Rafael Eitan predicted, "The outbreak of acts of revenge.. ," 802

Gen. Yaakov Even, "We are the aggressors," 802

Lt. Ave Gabowski, "I saw Phalangists killing civilians," 802

Lt. Col. David Halevy, "IDF officers and Defense Ministry had broad knowledge regarding Phalangist atrocities," 802

Shimon Peres, "Lebanon will remain divided," 802

Yitshak Rabin, "Mercenaries serve in the South Lebanese Army," 802

Ben-Gurion and Dayan architects of conspiracy against Lebanon in 1951 and 1954, 789

Conspiracy against Lebanon, 789-790

Ariel Sharon confirms Mossad in charge of Lebanon relations, 789

Moshe Sharett confirms Ben-Gurion and Dayan conspired against Lebanon in 1951 and 1954, 789

World Zionist Organization publishes plans for Lebanon, 789

Yitshak Rabin personally directed intervention in Lebanon, 789

Destruction in Lebanon during 1978 war, 792-793

Examples of mass destruction, massacres, homelessness and torture caused by the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, 797-799

Concentration camps, 797

Massacres, 799

Systematic destruction of houses, 798-799

Torture, 797

Use of cluster bombs, 798

Wanton bombing, 798-799

Genocide, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 37/123D of 16 December, 1982, resolved that the massacre of Sabra and Shatila was an act of Genocide, 808

Habakkuk, Prophet, said, "For the violence of Lebanon shall cover thee," 795

Houses destroyed in 1978 war: 50,000 houses destroyed and 285,000 people made homeless, 792

International Commission of Inquiry composed of 25 eminent world figures and jurists from the United Kingdom, India, Sweden, Greece, Senegal, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, U.S.S.R., United States of America, Sri Lanka, France, Cuba, Bulgaria, and Hungary condemns Israel, 811-816

International Commission of Inquiry's conclusions that Israel committed following crimes: 813-815

Crimes Against Humanity, 814

Crimes Against Peace, 813-814

Denying right of Palestinians to self-determination, 815

United States of American accomplice to Israeli crimes, 815

War Crimes against the civilian population, 814-815

International Commission of Jurists condemning Israel composed of: 809

Dean Kader Asmal

Professor Brian Bercusson

Professor Geraud de la Pradelle

Professor Richard Falk

Professor Stefan Wild

Sean MacBride, SC

International Commission of Jurists conclusions, 809-811

Destruction of towns, cities, villages and refugee camps, 810, 811

Israel committed acts of aggression, 809, 811

Israeli forces dispersed, deported, and ill-treated civilian populations, 810, 811

Israeli forces used weapons and methods forbidden by international law, 810, 811

Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners tortured, 810, 811

Reckless bombardment of civilian targets, 810, 811

International Commission of Jurists condemns Israel for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, 809-811

Invasion of Lebanon in 1982, 795

Israeli Crimes against Lebanon in 1948-1978, 790-792

Destroying houses, 790-791

Hi-jacking airplanes, 790

Kidnappings, 790-791

Massacres, 790-792

Shelling and bombing, 790-792

Israeli Crimes against Lebanon in 1978-1982, 793-795

Massacres, 793-795

Mossad blows up building in Beirut in 1978, killing 120 persons, 793

Paratroop attacks on villages killing hundreds of villagers, 794

Shelling by land and sea killing hundreds, 793-795

Wanton bombing of cities, towns and villages killing thousands and demolishing thousands of buildings, 793-795

Israeli Military Operations in 1982, 795-797

Lebanese casualties in 1978 war: 1,168 killed, 50% civilians, 792

Lebanon, conspiracy against, 789-790

Mossad in charge of Israeli interference in Lebanon, 789

Neutral eyewitness testimony of Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon: Nurses, doctors, journalists, diplomats, relief workers, clergymen, and professors from Sweden, Norway, Finland, United States, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, France, Netherlands, Bangladesh and Cyprus, 799-801

Ninety-eight percent of Israeli caused damage in Lebanon was to civilian property; only 2% was to military property, 799

Objectives of Ariel Sharon and Rafael Eitan in 1982 war, 795

Kahan Commission confirms their object was "radically change Middle East and Israel's place in it," 795

"Operation Peace for Galilee" was name given to 1982 War of Aggression against Lebanon, 795

"Operation Peace for Galilee" is a desecration of the Biblical Galilee, 795

Rabin, Yitshak, personally directed Israeli interference in Lebanon in 1976, 789

Red Cross estimated 80% of villages and towns in South Lebanon were damaged in 1978 war, 792

Sabra and Shatila massacre, 799, 801-802, 806, 808, 808, 810, 811

Israeli authorities bear heavy legal responsibility for the massacres of Sabra and Shatila, 811

United Nations Resolutions condemning Israel's 1978 War of Aggression against Lebanon, 793

Security Council Resolution 425 (1978), 19 March, 1978, 793

United Nations Resolutions condemning Israel's War of Aggression against Lebanon, 1982, 804-808

General Assembly Resolution Es-7/5, 26 June, 1982, 806-807

General Assembly Resolution Es-7/9, 24 September, 1982, 807-808

General Assembly Resolution 37/123 D, 16 December, 1982, 808

General Assembly Resolution 37/134, 17 December, 1982, 808

Security Council Resolution 508 (1982), 5 June, 1982, 804

Security Council Resolution 509 (1982), 6 June, 1982, 805

Security Council Resolution 512 (1982), 19 June, 1982, 805

Security Council Resolution 513 (1982), 4 July, 1982, 805

Security Council Resolution 515 (1982), 29 July, 1982, 805

Security Council Resolution 521 (1982), 19 September, 1982, 805-806

United States- of America accomplice to Israeli crimes, 815

War of Aggression against Lebanon in 1978, 792-793

Carried out by Begin government, 792

Planned by Rabin government, 792

War of Aggression against Lebanon in 1982, 795-818

War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, Israel condemned by International Commission of Jurists, 809-811

Looting, Pillage, Plunder and Spoliation of Personal and Real Properties of Palestinians in Twelve Cities and Large Towns and 526 Towns and Villages from 1948-1967, 347-369

Abandoned Palestinian property made Israel viable state, 347, 369

Absentees property spoliation: Segev, 352-354

Arab towns and villages in 1948, population of each: 356-367

Arab houses and apartments in each

Arab houses and apartments usurped or destroyed in each

Arab population expelled from each

Ben-Gurion confirms robbery and rape, 347

Bernadotte, Count Folke: Confirms looting, pillage and plunder, 348

Dr. Boulous watches looting of his home, 348-349

Cizling, Aharon: Jews behaved like Nazis, 348, 350-351

Custodian of enemy property receives stolen goods, 349-351

Custodian report testifies to looting of Palestinian houses, 349-350, 369

Feurlicht, Roberta Strauss: Confirms usurpation of Palestinian lands, 353

Halaby, Naim: Witnesses looting, 348

Jewish soldiers kill, rob and rape Arabs, 347-350

Jews loot Arab homes, 348-351

Lamm, Yosef, confirms looting, 347

Lustick, Ian: Describes looting, 352-354

Palestine totals in area occupied by Israel in 1948: 158, 179, 316, 332, 369, 631, 636, 714, 998

Arab houses and apartments, 179, 316

Arab houses and apartments usurped, 158, 332

Arab population, 714, 998

Arabs expelled, 631, 636

Porat, M., custodian confirms in secret report usurpation of Arab properties, 353-354

Segev, Tom: Quotes Zionist archives on looting, 351-353

Shafrir, Dov, testifies to looting, 351-352

Shapira, Moshe: "We shall be considered thieves and compensate," 348

United Nations Resolution 181 (111) forbids looting and destruction, 353

Usurpation and destruction of Arab houses and apartments in towns, cities and villages, 354-369

Yaakobson, Yosef, suggests usurping Arab industrial plants, 350

Zureik, Elia, testifies to usurpation of Arab properties, 354

Mass Round-ups, (see Collective Punishment), 585-591

Massacres Committed by Zionists, 269-293

Dawayma massacre, 272

Soldiers fracture children's heads with sticks, 272

Testimony of an Israeli soldier about massacre of Dawayma, 272

Deir Yasin massacre, 271-272

Haganah approves Deir Yasin massacre, 271-272

Irgun and Stern offices involved in Deir Yasin massacre, 271

Kafr Kassim massacre, 276-282

Brigadier Yashishkar Shadmi orders the massacre, 281-282

District Court in Israel on Kafr Kassim massacre, file 3/37, 280-282

Jiryis, Dr. Sabri, report, 278

Judgment of District Court, 280-282

Kol Haam reports on Kafr Kassim massacre, 276-277

Major Melinki and Lieutenant Dahan guilty of Kafr Kassim massacre, 280-283

Kibya massacre, 272-276

American ammunitions used in Kibya massacre, 275

Commando Unit 101 organized by Sharon, 272-273

Jordan Ambassador report on Kibya massacre, 272-274

Security Council condemns Israel for Kibya, 274-275

Security Council debate on Kibya massacre, 274

Sharett, Moshe, condemns Kibya massacre, 276

Sharon, Ariel, responsible for Kibya massacre, 272-273

Sign, Catholic magazine, condemns Israel, 275

Western Powers' reaction to Kibya massacre, 273

King David massacre, 269-270

Attlee, Clement, British Prime Minister condemns massacre, 269-270

Ben-Gurion, David, approved King David massacre, 269

Eden, Anthony, condemns Zionist massacres, 270

Irgun and Palmach cooperate in King David massacre, 269

Irgun conceived King David massacre, 269

Libyan Boeing 727 airline massacre, 283-284

Dayan, Moshe, responsible, 284

Elazar, General David, ordered shooting down plane, 283-284

Meir, Golda, responsible, 284

Zamir, General Zvi Zamir, responsible, 284

Zeira, General Eli, responsible, 284

Sabra and Shatila massacres, 284-293

Frem, Fadi and Hobeika, Elias, coordinated entrance of killers accompanied by Israeli officers, 286

Horrors of the massacres, 291

Kahan Commission report on Sabra and Shatila massacres, 291-293

Responsibility for the massacres on Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, head of the Mossad, Ariel Sharon and Rafael Eitan, 292-293

Sabra and Shatila massacres planned by Phalangists and Israeli officers, 286-287

Yaron, General Amos, met with Hobeika and Frem to study photos of Sabra and Shatila camps, 288

Semiramis Hotel massacre, 270-271

Haganah commits Semiramis Hotel massacre, 270

U.S.S. Liberty massacre, 282-283

CIA Intelligence report, 282-283

Dayan, Moshe, ordered strafing U.S.S. Liberty, 282

Findley, Paul, recounts, U.S.S. Liberty massacre, 282-283


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